VMware NSX certification        

VMware NSX is currently one of the most popular technologies. VMware NSX certifications offer a great opportunity in your career progression. With the VMware NSX certification, you will stand out in the crowd with the unique and highly esteemed skills that you will get through the VMware Certification for NSX Technologies. VMware NSX certifications will increase your chances of career progression and recognition of your unique skills. Let’s take a look at VMware NSX certifications, how to prepare and some real-life exam experiences.

VMware NSX certification types

VMware NSX certification includes three types of exams. They are recognizable by the fact that at the end of the certificate name there is word NV (network virtualization). The current certification version is VMWare NSX 6.2 and the latest is VMware NSX 6.4.1+. After every successful pass, VMware submits a badge with which employer can easily identify your knowledge and your success can be shared and verified on social networks.

VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization (VCP6-NV)

The basic VMware NSX certificate will check your knowledge related to the installation, configuration, and administration of the NSX virtual environment. Certain prerequisites need to be met to register. It consists of 77 questions and time to solve is 120 minutes. The exam type is a classic question-answer model. The certificate is valid for three years.  Pearson VUE delivers certification exams. 

If you don’t have any VCP certifications

1. Experience with NSX technology.

2. Mandatory attendance to one of the suggested NSX seminars.

3. Completed vSphere 6.0 or 6.5 Foundations exam online.

4. Completed VCP6-NV. 

Certificate price

Mandatory course (for example, NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.2] is $4200)

vSphere 6.0 or 6.5 Foundations – $125

VCP6-NV – $ 250

Total price: $ 4575

If you do not have VCP certificates,  but have CISCO certificates

The big difference that there is no requirement for mandatory seminars. It is enough to attach a proof of CISCO certificate (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE).

Certificate price

VCP6-NV – $250

Total price: $250

 * Cisco certificate is mandatory

If you have VCP certificates from other areas

VMware recommends experience with VMware NSX technologies together with one of the NSX seminars.

 Certificate price

 VCP6-NV – $ 250

 Total price: $250

If you have expired VCP certificate

Same as for people who do not have a VCP certificate with a significant difference that the seminar is only suggested and is not required as a prerequisite.

Certificate price

VCP6-NV – $ 250

Total price: $250

How to prepare for VCP6-NV certification?

We have selected the best links and resources for you to prepare for VMware NSX certification:

Pearsonitcertification VMware NSX Fundamentals LiveLessons

VMware Official certificate guide

VMware learning zone

VMware seminars and practice exams

What’s new in VMware NSX 6.2

Installation, administration and troubleshooting guides

NSX Installation

NSX Administration

NSX Troubleshooting

Hands-on labs

VMware Hands-on labs

vSphere networking

VMware vSphere networking

Udemy video tutorials

Udemy has excellent and very understandable video tutorials for VMware NSX:

VCP6-NV exam experience

My personal experience with VCP6-NV certification is very positive. Structure of the exam is a simple question and answer model. You have plenty of time and should be well prepared. What is important to note is that many questions consist of vSphere networking (check link above for more details).

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 — Network Virtualization Deployment

The second certificate by complexity checks your knowledge of the installation, optimization, and troubleshooting of the VMware NSX environment. The type of exam has a different concept than VCP6-NV,  opposite to answering questions, the user of the exam must configure VMware NSX environment in the virtual VMware Labs.

The structure is similar to the VMware Hands-on Labs. The exam consists of only 23 questions and time to complete is 205 minutes. The number of questions is low, but your time will melt very fast. It is important to note that this certificate, unlike VCP6-NV, never expires. Pearson VUE delivers certification exams. 

If you do not have VCAP certificates or if you have VCP or VCAP certification from other areas

  1. Completed VCP6-NV.
  2. Suggested attendance at one of the online courses.
  3.  Pass the VCAP6-NV Deploy Exam. 

Certificate price

VCP6-NV – $250

VCAP-NV – $450

Total price: $700

If you do not have VCAP certificates, but CISCO CCIE certification

  1. Experience with VMware NSX technology.
  2. The proof of the CISCO CCIE certification.
  3. Pass the VCAP6-NV Deploy Exam. 

Certificate price

VCAP-NV – $450

Total price: $450

How to prepare for VCAP6-NV certification?

We have selected the best links and resources for you to prepare for VMware NSX certificate:

Pearsonitcertification VMware NSX Fundamentals LiveLessons

VCAP5-NV official preparation guide

VMware learning zone

VMware Hands-on labs 

Clinton Prentice Blog

VStellar Blog

VCAP6-NV exam experience

My personal experience with VCAP6-NV is totally different from VCP6-NV. There is no classic question and answer model. Model is related to VMware Labs and you work on installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Therefore, the user must make changes on the VMware NSX infrastructure by defined tasks. Regardless of a small number of questions, it’s very difficult to complete all in 205 minutes. My advice is to simply skip the question if you are not sure how to resolve it.

Other Experiences



VMware Certified Design Expert 6 – Network Virtualization (VCDX6-NV)

The highest level of VMware certification in the field of NSX technology. The elite group VCDX professional consists of highly qualified solution architects who are proficient in the implementation of VMware enterprise solutions. Completing the certificate, you will enter the world class of 200 engineers who are proud owners of this highly valued certificate. The principle of taking the exam is significantly different from the previous certification and is similar to the design and defense of thesis.

If you do not have VCDX certification

  1. Completed VCP6-NV certificate.
  2. Completed VCIX6-NV certificate.
  3. Read the blueprint.
  4. Select and make the design according to blueprint.
  5. Review and deliver design documentation: 

         a) Design Application

         b) Code of Conduct

         c) Application Form

    6. The design should be validated by the council.

    7. Defend the design in front of a council. 

Certificate price

Certification report – $ 995

Certification work – $ 3000

Total price: $ 3995.

If you have VCDX certificates from other areas

Same as for people who do not have VCDX certificates with the difference that instead of defending your design in front of the council, there is a one-hour telephone interview with a council.

How to prepare for VCDX6-NV certification?

We have selected the best links and resources for you to prepare for VMware NSX certification:

VMware design defense blueprint

NSX design deep dive

Where to apply?

Certificates, as opposed to vSphere 6.0 or 6.5 Foundations, are taking place in certified PersonVue locations. Exam centers are located all over the world and it is very possible to be in your vicinity.

On the VMware link, select Register for Exams.