It is very important to have access to quality materials that help you to master and specialize in VMware NSX. When we talk about VMware documentation, it can be categorized into several types: books, official tutorials, online seminars, practical exercises and blogs. Regarding our VMware NSX experience, for you, we have listed best VMware NSX documentation. Documentation helped us and will help you master the NSX technology, whether you are a beginner or a professional. Let’s look at the list…


Learning VMware NSX

One of the best books for beginners is Learning VMware NSX: Virtualize your network with this step-by-step configuration guide to installing, configuring, and managing VMware NSX If you are new to VMware NSX, this book has everything about installing and configuring NSX. If you want to learn VMware NSX quickly and easily, this is a book for you. Particularly important is that content is described in detail, for example ,all the steps required in configuring the required components of VMware NSX architecture.

VMware NSX Cookbook

Another great book that covers NSX basics up to NSX REST API is the VMware NSX CookbookThe book starts with an introduction to VMware NSX, describes the NSX components, security, how to enable micro-segmentation together with NSX distributed firewall. The content then switches to a very interesting topic, which is NSX that runs across multiple instances of vCenter. The last part of the book refers to backup and data restore, embedded NSX features such as Flow Monitoring, Traceflow, Application Rule Management and EndPoint Monitoring. If you are interested in Python and NSX REST API, this VMware NSX book covers it.

Operationalizing VMware NSX

For those who already have experience in VMware NSX, the free edition of Operationalizing VMware NSX covers optimization and organization strategy that incorporates structure, culture, roles, and responsibilities. You will find confirmed recommendations on how to improve your infrastructure and unlock the full potential and flexibility of your organization through VMware NSX.

Automating NSX for vSphere with PowerNSX

If you want to automate your NSX environment, there is PowerNSX, a powerful Powershell module. Book will teach you what PowerNSX is, as well as its flexibility. The book also gives an overview of NSX architecture and functionality.

VMware NSX licensing

VMware NSX licensing options


VMware NSX for vSphere Documentation

The best place to get started with VMware NSX. Well-known companies shared the experience of using VMware NSX. Get info about overall network virtualization, compare VMware NSX licenses and have access to a list of all official VMware tutorials.

VMware Knowledge Base

VMware Knowledge Base is the best place to read tutorials, and most importantly, there are all the guides for solving standard system issues, i.e. troubleshooting.

VMware Docs

In one place there is huge VMware’s documentation that also covers VMware NSX in detail. Here you can read all tutorials related to NSX administration, troubleshooting guides, installation guides, upgrade guides and much more.

Online seminars

Clear and Simple VMware NSX 6.2 and vSphere Virtual Networks

One of the simplest and best courses that helped me learn and prepare for NSX certifications is the Udemy online course. Mentor in a very simple and concise way explains NSX fundamentals and key components of VMware NSX architecture. Mentor is a certified VMware instructor and videos are not longer than 15 minutes.

Software Defined Networking with VMware NSX

The other Udemy online tutorial deals with the installation and configuration of VMware NSX. Also watching this tutorial I got the best knowledge to work with VMware NSX. The online tutorial is intended for IT professionals who want to take the first steps in building and installing SDN VMware infrastructure.

VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.4]

Interactive Online Training which takes five days to complete. Training covers the basics of vSphere networking and goes through all important parts of VMware NSX. It consists of 15 chapters, each chapter contains knowledge test. In my personal opinion, one of the best online training for VMware NSX. During the registration, select VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.4] – On Demand.

VMware NSX: Troubleshooting and Operations [V6.4]

This five-day online training is intended for those who already have the basic knowledge of VMware NSX and want to know more. This advanced course describes VMware NSX architecture in detail. What is the most interesting, you will get insight into usual troubleshooting scenarios together with solutions. 


VMware Hands-On-Labs is the best place for practical exercises. I have personally started dozens of labs and with theoretical background, labs offer an upgrade to your knowledge. From NSX labs we recommend:

HOL-1903-01-NET – VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere – Getting Started

HOL-1903-02-NET – VMware NSX Data Center for Security – Distributed Firewall and Micro-Segmentation

HOL-1903-03-NET – VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere – Operations and Troubleshooting for Network Engineers


VMware blog on network virtualization offers a wealth of quality texts and the newest features of VMware NSX.

Bertello blog offers interesting articles on operating procedures and troubleshooting.